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Design Engineering Services

As with any project pre-planning and design is a necessity for identifying problematic areas.

Evans Industrial has the knowledge and ability to complete onsite measurements and assessments to fully integrate new process equipment within plant operations. With in-house technical engineering capabilities we can evaluate the results in 3D to create simulation of the required project.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Structural Steel Fabrications - Mezzanines, Machine Supports, and Catwalks
  2. Robotic Cell - Robotic Arrangements, Reach and Radius Analysis, and Full Operational Cells
  3. Process Tanks - Structural Supports and Framework, Process Piping Runs, and Tank Arrangements
  4. Machine Layouts - Assembly Lines, Process Layouts, and Ergonomic Solutions
  5. Machinery Installations - Pathway Access, Animated Installation Process and Assembly Layouts
Other Services:
  1. Professional Engineering
  2. P & ID Drawings